Frédéric Lepape

Fréderic Lepape was born on 13th of November, 1960 in Paris. Nowadays he lives and works in Düsseldorf. As the son of an artist he got close in touch with performing arts very early. The motion pictures inspired his environment, the painting is his natural means of expression.

Fréderic’s perspective is the one of an insect spotter reckoning the environment. Under the strokes of his brush the simplest objects turn into queerness and receive a new expression. The people receive precisely scalpel wise separated characters. His illustrations remind on a entire screenplay.

Frederic paints ideas labeled in a hallucinatory and humoristic way. A detail picked up by him narrates an entire story. The stories are sometimes metaphors, sometimes partly expressed aphorisms - so the contemplator can chose. The scenes of his paintings are divided like an entomologist’s collection; the observer can move freely from one insect box to another, from one place to another. The illumination is -  as in a theater - arbitrary. It emphasizes by play of colors, shadows and lights the specific atmosphere of each image. The contemplator is invited to establish a dialogue between these images and his own experiences and dreams.